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About Aajkaal Newspaper

Aajkaal is a Bengali newspapers in Kolkata, India. The newspaper was started in 1981 by Abhik Kumar Ghosh, and was part of the transformation of the Indian newspaper industry in the 1980s. The newspaper is known for Left-leaning coverage and its comprehensive sports news. Aajkaal is considered close to the leftist parties and its backing of the erstwhile Left front Government was legendary. Aajkaal strives to survive in a very competitive newspaper market in West Bengal with the secured niche created by its leftist perspective & sports news. But nowadays some observers feel that the quality of its sports news has deteriorated. It is also one of the very few Indian dailies which do not publish astrological predictions. Of late, it has gone through a format change to incorporate more analytical features.

The first editor of the newspaper was legendary journalist Sri Gour Kishore Ghosh. The present editor is Ashok Dasgupta, a renowned sports journalist & first of his ilk to become a full-fledged editor of an Indian daily. In 2005, Asim Nath, a journalist for Aajkaal, died in a car crash. He was one of about 150 journalists worldwide killed that year.

Aajkaal Newspaper Details

Aajkaal Publisher : Aajkaal Publishers Pvt. Ltd

Aajkaal Language : Bengali

Aajkaal Newspaper URL : http://www.aajkaal.net/

Aajkaal newspaper published from : Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai

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